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Natural Arthritis Treatment

Natural Arthritis Treatment Using Hivamat Therapy

arthritis treatmentOver 30 million people in the US are suffering from some form of Arthritis.  There is no turning back the clock with Arthritis and suffers must find ways to manage the pain. By using a natural arthritis treatment with HIVAMAT therapy, you will find this treatment is less painful and targets the problem, not just the symptoms.

Most common ways to manage the pain is with NSAID’s (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs)  unfortunately there are potential side effects with these drugs; the most common being Stomach and Kidney problems, Heart Attacks and Strokes, additionally people with Thyroid problems. Diabetes, Heart disease and High blood pressure (just to name a few) may be restricted from taking certain NSAID’s.

Dr. Edgerton is a Firm believer in taking the least invasive approach to health care, which is why he Highly Recommends HIVAMAT Therapy for the Treatment and Management of Arthritis and Gout.

HIVAMAT Therapy has been used for over 20 years for the successful pain management of Arthritis Joint Inflammation.

HIVAMAT Therapy is a natural arthritis treatment that chemically breaks down  Metabolic Waste which clogs Lymph Collectors and builds up within the joints and uses Deep Tissue Oscillation to physically force Fluid out of the Interstitial Tissue back into the Lymphatic System.  In addition to the obvious therapeutic benefits the actual treatment Feels Like a Spa Treatment.  Sit Back, Relax, Enjoy and Feel Better.