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Clinical Effects

Clinical Effects OF HIVAMAT Treatment

Clinical effects hivamat treatmentThe therapy of deep oscillation from the HIVAMAT treatment actually happens within the tissue itself and then works its way throughout the localized area through all the tissue layers including the connective tissue, fat, muscles, skin, and blood vessels.

DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy is non-invasive and feels good to the touch which makes it a great choice for someone that recently suffered from trauma, post operations, or acute pain in the area of sensitive wounds.

Encourages Internal and External Wounds To Heal

HIVAMAT therapy, or deep oscillation therapy speeds up the recovery process of your wounds. By way of the edema-reducing and antiinflammatory effect, the metabolic elimination is imporoved in all tissue layers, whereby tissue regeneration and wound closure are encouraged on all levels.



deep oscillationPain Reduction

DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy alleviates your pain by eliminating pain transmitting and mediating substances by flushing it out of your system.. It suppresses the inflammation in your joints and your body by restricting pro inflammatory cell movement to the area damaged.


Chronic pain and post traumatic conditions often reduce the mobility of a person because there is constricted microcirculation happening within your body. This is caused by the muscles encasing your capillary vessels. The Deep Oscillation HIVAMAT treatments relax your muscles and enable the metabolism of the defective nerves. In most cases, the range of movement is increased right after treatment due to the fluid movement and pain reductions.



hivamat treatmentAnti Inflammatory

HIVAMAT therapy suppresses acute and chronic inflammation by restricting pro-inflammatory cell movement to the damaged area and by reducing the inflammatory mediator release. This inhibits fluid and protein leakage from the blood and lymph vessels.

Edema and Fibrosis Reduction

On the level of the interstitium, DEEP OSCILLATION® causes a »Shuffling« of the basic substance, thus promoting the removal of interstitial fluid as well as content material. Interstitial septa and fissures are kept open by the mechanical activation, which helps interstitial drainage. This, in turn, will reduce local edema and aseptic inflammation.



cellulite treatmentCellulite Treatment: Edema Reduction

DEEP OSCILLATION® and HIVAMAT therapy affect all cellular and molecular mechanisms of cellulite. The HIVAMAt treatment will improve lymph flow and drainage as well as improving the flow of blood in your body. This will reduce inflammation and show a decline in the circumference of the thighs.

Cellulite Treatment: Rough Fibrous Septae Disruption/Improvement of Skin Elasticity

DEEP OSCILLATION® disrupts or prevents the formation of rough fibrous septae and reduces the sensitivity of skin cells to estrogen hormones. This provides effective treatment of cellulite in 80 % of women. Skin elasticity increases, and fibrosis is reduced.