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Healing Effects Of HIVAMAT With Burns

Effective Healing of Burns Wound with DEEP OSCILLATION Therapy

tn_skin-2Deep Oscillation® Massage Therapy was started in Germany at around 2007. The therapy uses creates low frequencies of mild electrostatic impulses that ‘massage or knead the skin’s tissue by pulling and releasing at the rate of about 5 to 250 times per second. Scientific studies have shown that the gentle frequencies penetrate the skin to about 8cm to 12cm making it eliminate the excess inflammation that result from protein solids, waste products and lymphatic fluids leaving the skin tissue to start healing naturally.

At any time, DEEP OSCILLATION® can be applied to the burn wound and its immediate neighboring areas to effectively decongest and provide essential reconstruction supplies thus triggering a faster noticeable healing of the burn wound. Other burn remedies tend to aggravate the wound by creating congestion on the wound and the surrounding areas. This keeps the wound wet or moist thus slowing the healing process. The congestion on and around the wound also acts a fertile area for harmful microbes which then infect the wound complicating the problem further. The presence of the germs also creates competition for the supplies delivered by the body to reconstruct the damaged cell hence the wound takes more than double the time it could have healed if DEEP OSCILLATION® was used.

Case Study on the Effects of DEEP OSCILLATION® on Burn Wounds

tn_skin-oneThe present Edition of the Medical Journal called “Cuban Revista Cubana de Medicina Física y Rehabilitación” dated 3rd June 2010, illustrates the findings of a study Dr. Dr. Solangel Hernández Tápanes and others on the effective cure for 2rd degree burns.

Dr. Solangel Hernández Tápanes et al. concluded that DEEP OSCILLATION® has the following advantages;

DEEP OSCILLATION® had a faster healing of burn wounds compared to the used control group.
Among the patients administered with the DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy, epithelisation completely vanished five days before the group of patients in the control group.
The patients treated with DEEP OSCILLATION® seemed more comfortable and more at ease during recovery; it provides more comfort than other burn wound treatment therapies.


In summary, the positive and encouraging healing results witnesses in the use of the DEEP OSCILLATION® are due to its ability to do the following;

  • Its pain reduction effects
  • Its anti-inflammatory effects
  • Its antifibrotic effects
  • Its effect on tissue regeneration that comes with mild lesion massage leading to vasodilation which encourages better blood flow and ample supply of the nutrition and oxygen to the wounded tissue



  • It promotes faster healing of open burn wounds
  • Reduces cellulite, bruises and scars
  • Alleviates pain while at the same time reducing swelling
  • Enhances preoperative and postoperative therapies with lymph, anti-oedema, drainage, detoxifying properties and anti-fibrosis
  • Lifts and tones bust, facial, and buttock tissues
  • Accelerates collagen and cell production for smooth younger appealing skin
  • Improves skin tissue elasticity and quality

burnsThe patients administered with Deep Oscillation therapy indicated a notable decrease in the recovery duration of 5 days in comparison to the group that was being treated solely with silver sulfadiazine. Considering all the variables used in the study, there were significant statistical differences prior and after the completion of the burn wound treatment. When DEEP OSCILLATION®therapy was combined with only 1% of silver sulfadiazine it led to much more effective treatment which had a shorter recuperating period compared to the using of silver sulfadiazine alone.


Deep Oscillation® has been proved to be an effective therapy for the following:

tn_burn-Most occupational injuries and day to day conditions that relate to pain, swelling, inflammation and scarred tissue.
-Can be combined with manual lymphatic drainage for lymphedema patients and for post aesthetic surgery rehabilitation procedures
-To treat sports injuries where is is applied immediately after the injury
-For general and surgery aftercare treatment
-Used for cellulite cure
-Used in anti-aging care for neck, face and décolleté
-To enhance laser re-surfacing and rehabilitation
-Preoperative and post-operative liposuction procedures
-To treat respiratory problems
-Used pre-chiropractic adjustment

NB// The Deep Oscillation® massage therapy is very relaxing in addition to enabling the therapist to perform deep tissue massage without triggering any pain or discomfort.

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