What is HIVAMAT Therapy?

HIVAMAT Therapy is a one of a kind device ( HIVAMAT 200 ) which directly treats Fluid Build up (Inflammation) and Fibrotic Scar tissue within the body.  HIVAMAT Therapy is a one on one hands on modality which uses a soothing rhythmic deep tissue oscillations and alternating currents to produce on the spot results in reducing pain, edema and increasing range of motion all while feeling like a Spa Treatment.

 Is the HIVAMAT Effective?

Yes,  Therapy works using Physics and Mechanic principles, because of this, almost everyone sees/feels results on the very first treatment.

 What does Therapy feel like?

Therapy is a “Feel Good” Device and is the only Therapeutic device on the market which actually feels like a spa treatment.  Most people never want it to end.

Is HIVAMAT Therapy Safe?

Yes, it has been in use for 24+years.  HIVAMAT is safe enough to treat the Eyes, Spine and Heart. HIVAMAT is also safe for kids.  There is no heat being generated and it safe to go over anything implanted within the body, i.e.  Pins, Plates, Implants etc…

Will HIVAMAT Therapy Treat Nerve Pain?

Yes and No.  The machine does not directly treat nerve pain.  However if there is inflammation around the Nerve the HIVAMAT will reduce this inflammation thus reducing the pressure around the Nerve potentially leading to a reduction in pain or increase in mobility.

Can the HIVAMAT be used over a knee replacement?

Yes, the treatment  does not create any internal heat.  Because of this it can go over metal, pins and plates or anything implantable with no adverse side effects.

How Soon after Surgery can treatment be used?

24 Hours after Most Orthopedic and Plastic Surgeries, therapy can start.  In fact treatment is recommended prior to surgery to reduce the inflammation prior to surgery to make the chance for Post Operative complications less likely.

I have internal scar tissue from a procedure which is 5 years old. Will this treatment help?

Yes, Internal Scar tissue is very difficult to break down, however even with a single treatment, the patient should be able feel the scar tissue get softer after a single treatment.


Lymphatic Stimulation using Power Plate Technology

Old man power plateThe Power Plate has been a great tool for Professional Athletes to get back into shape after Injury, however low impact full body vibration technology is excellent source for whole body Lymphatic Stimulation.

Just Stand, Relax and Feel the Flow.

Power Plate Therapy works by vibrations stimulating the muscle-pump-effect and cause in increase of blood flow and fluid movement within the body with an improvement of transport capacity for metabolic waste.