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HIVAMAT For Horses And Dogs!

Deep Oscillation | HIVAMAT Therapy For Equine & Canine

tn_dom5Mary Fickling began exchanging emails with Bodo Wisst in 2006, shortly after PhysionPod took on UK and Ireland distribution for DEEP OSCILLATION. Bodo Wisst is the former German Physiotherapist to the Taekwondo National Team of Peru and has successfully managed to replicate his achievements with humans using DEEP OSCILLATION in the equine world. The DEEP OSCILLATION Therapy now forms 80% of Bodo’s treatment protocol and it is very successful.

Bodo has evaluated and diagnosed the suffering horses in the same manner he would a human and has applied the therapy to the horses via DEEP OSCILLATION Personal. Most of the horses that Bodo commonly treats with the unit are traumatic, muscle spasm and injuries, knee problems, hips, arthritis, tendonitis and preciosities. Bigger problems that need treatment usually can be fixed in up to 10 sessions, but he gets results after 3 to 5 treatment sessions. Horses are very relaxed throughout the treatments as this is a non- invasive way of treatment and Bodo has never experienced any problems since he has been applying the therapy in the equine world.


How Does The Treatment Work?

tn_dom11Bodo’s first step is to connect himself to the unit by using an electrode adhered to his arms. Special vinyl gloves are needed and although the equine does not feel the electrostatic waves as strongly as a human being does because of the hair, the results are the same. A large headed applicator transmits the therapy to the horse via gentle massage movements over the area that needs therapy. Varying sized applicator heads are available in order to ensure easy and fast application to the different areas that need to be treated.

After Bodo has finished evaluating the equine, he then chooses an appropriate condition from the scroll menu of the DEEP OSCILLATION Personal and use the fixed times that the unit is programmed with. If there are more areas that need to be treated, Bodo will change the programme if the diagnosis differs from an affected area to another. Sometimes the treatment could take as long as 45 to 50 minutes per sessions if Bodo has to treat 2 or 3 different parts of the horse. Because the therapy is not thermal and intermittent, the equine does not suffer any ill effects.

The intermittent therapy does not electrically stimulate the horse or the human and the vibrations of the therapy can be felt quite strongly in the hands of a human and the applicator. The sensations that the horses feel while being applied the therapy are lighter but as effective as if it were applied to humans and the therapy is much more intense over the muscles than over bones.

tn_s4020047Julie Soroczyn is an MD of PhysioPod and a sports massage therapist that became very interested to try this therapy on horses for herself. Based on the knowledge, pictures and videos of Bodo’s use on horses, Julie set about the task to treat a horse called Buggy. Buggy has been experiencing problems with her hind left leg that made it impossible for Tom Arris to shoe her safely. After the owners have given their full consent, Buggy’s treatment was soon showing the results everybody has been hoping for. The improvement was achieved in just a few treatments and Buggy was no longer having leg pain.

The first equine therapist in the UK to discover the beneficial effects of DEEP OSCILLATION is Gilliyan Carter- Morgan of Equi- Therapy UK. She was impressed by Buggy’s improvement when she was asked to join Julie on her next visit and shortly acquired a DEEP OSCILLATION Personal for herself. Post- op surgeries, haematomas, tendon strains and scar tissue also can be treated with the help of DEEP OSCILLATION therapy. The results are outstanding and the equines have responded extremely well to this form of therapy.

tn_100_2941_02Horse owners have noticed swellings reduce after only one session of therapy. Dogs also respond very well to this therapy as it is extremely beneficial in the rehabilitation of injuries with impressive results in just a matter of weeks. Many equine and canine therapists based in UK have followed Gilliyan’s footsteps based on such great results and have applied this therapy. The feedback has been impressive as well as the results following the DEEP OSCILLATION treatment.


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