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HIVAMAT For Surgery Aftercare

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

plastic surgery careThe most looked for treatment after a successful plastic surgery is the lymphatic drainage treatment that involves the repetitive, gentle and soothing massage. It aides the: Reduction of swelling, reduction of inflammation, and quickens the healing process of the stitches. The initial treatment reduces all aching and discomfort. The MLD therapy is popular around the globe and thus I always receive referrals from a wide range of countries. The MLD therapy reduces the size of the tissue to the normal size and therefore eliminating swelling in the following surgeries: About twelve sessions for buttock, leg and abdomen sculpting. About eight treatments for eye surgery or breast augmentation. About ten treatments for facelifts.


tn_dop_geraet_aestheticsThe Deep Oscillation Therapy was introduced to us recently and from that time, we have utilized the machine on many patients after surgery. It has achieved remarkable results; all post surgery clients have found a soothing and calming effect from the gentle vibrations of the device. Secondly, and most importantly, is the fact that the remarkable results were achieved in very few sessions. For instance: Eight sessions for the Hivamat treatment for sculpting of the body, four sessions for eye surgery and breast augmentation, six sessions for an entire facelift.




Benefits Of Deep Oscillation

tn_buttocks_surgeryIt is a proven fact that DEEP OSCILLATION therapy is the gentlest form of therapy, for post-surgery patients today. The methods it uses are the same as those of manual lymphatic massage therapy. However, the minimal pressure applied is through gloves. Instead of applying gentle pressure by hand on the affected area to relieve it of swelling, as the manual lymphatic therapy does, DEEP OSCILLATION therapy works by application of a trainedand safe electrostatic field that is generated beneath the hand to stimulate lymphatic flow and also accelerate the healing of tissues.


tn_abdominal_surgeryIt is natural to believe that message on the area where the plastic surgery has been done is a very bad idea since you are already under a lot of pain. However, this will not be the case, as the contact during DEEP OSCILLATION massage is minimal, effective and safe (there are no chances of inflammation, bruising and swelling) and can be described as almost-no-touch massage. This is a very painless treatment and it in fact reduces pain during the application of the therapy and a further two to three days that follow the time of treatment.


tn_breast_surgeryThis treatment is great for all types of surgeries, and it can be utilized on burns and other forms of surgery for instance orthopaedic injury and also injuries that occur during sports by many sports teams around the globe.  The technology used in DEEP OSCILLATION therapy ensures that the drainage of the lymphatic system is gentle and instantly increases recovery period of a surgery patient after undergoing an operation. The therapy stimulates the body to start healing itself and also aids in the draining away of lymph and enhances the breakdown of products that are formed during the surgery by the tissues. It is very safe and remarkably effective and can be applied on a patient 2-3 times a week after undergoing a surgery.


Deep oscillation massage aesthetic surgery after careAgainst the widely embraced belief, when it comes to Aesthetic Surgery Aftercare, regardless of the surgery i.e. whether plastic surgery or orthopaedic surgery; the earlier the better. The therapy should begin as soon as it possibly can be started. In order to get the most out of a particular surgery, it is imperative that the Aesthetic Surgery Aftercare is initiated as soon as possible. Beginning the Aesthetic Surgery Aftercare more that 28days after surgery as some misinformed surgeons will advise will hamper the remarkable results you would want to experience from the surgery. A 2 to 5 day break is recommended before starting the Aesthetic Surgery Aftercare therapies. Since the main function of Aesthetic Surgery Aftercare therapy is to minimize swelling and pain, the whole idea of starting 28 days after the surgery beats logic. You would have denied the operated part of the body the Aesthetic Surgery Aftercare when it needed it most.

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