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Why Use HIVAMAT Therapy?

HIVAMAT Therapy is the MOST POWERFUL tool on the market for the instant reduction of pain, swelling and the increase in range of motion and it feels like a Spa Treatment.

When the human body experiences pain either from Physical Trauma, Surgery or Degenerative conditions the body responds be sending

Lymph Fluid to the Pain area.  The more pain/trauma the more fluid sent to the localized area.

The more inflammation/fluid you have surrounding your trauma the more pressure you have in that area causing you more pain and decreased range of motion.

One of the most overlooked parts of Health Care is Range of Motion.  Because we live in an on-the-go society the more you move the more you agitate your trauma the more fluid is sent which worsens your condition.

HIVAMAT Therapy is a hands-on modality which instantly moves fluid and breaks down metabolic waste in the interstitial tissue and forces the fluids and by-products from trauma back into the Lymphatic System where it belongs, the fluid is then processed normally though the bladder.

What sets the HIVAMAT apart from every other modality (Laser, Ultrasound, E-Stim, etc…) is that you do no need a working Lymphatic System for Fluid movement.  All the other modalities on the market require a working Lymphatic System, because it is the lymphatic system which is doing the bulk of the work.  If your Lymphatic system is not working, diminished or overloaded with inflammation you are going to get very limited results using these other modalities.

HIVAMAT Therapy can be used 24 hours after surgery, can go directly over open wounds, is safe enough to go over the eyes, heart and spine as well as implantable objects such as joints, plates, screws or breast implants.
For the last 24 years,  HIVAMAT Therapy is safe and very effective in getting dramatic and immediate results.
(As a testiment of this most of our before and after picstures and videos are of Lymphedema Patients – Patients with NO Lymphatic system in an extremity to actually move fluid.  Patients with a healthy Lymphatic System will respond even better.)

HIVAMAT Therapy has been the go-to technology in leading clinics, hospitals and pro and college sports teams (over 100 teams) in getting instant results in reducing Pain and Inflammation and getting patients on the path to healing their conditions.

Lymphatic System

Everyone’s lymphatic system is different. Which is why you see such differences in outcomes from patient to patient when done by the same plastic surgeon. Chiropractic is a New but natural fit for post plastic surgery after care.  We deal with Post Operative swelling and lymphatic drainage all the time whether its surgery from Spine or Joint Replacement – its all the same fluid.

Internal Fluid which surrounds your trauma causes Pressure and That Pressure causes PAIN.

As we Age or endure long term Trauma our Lymphatic System either Slows down or becomes obstructed and it makes it harder for Localized Inflammation to be reduced.

HIVAMAT Therpay does not require a Lymphatic System.  It breaks up and moves Fluid “On The Spot” and feels like a spa treatment.  Safe enough to use 24 hours after surgery.

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