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Lymphedema Treatment

Lymphedema or lymphatic impediment refers to a chronic condition where swelling due to excess fluid that has collected in the tissues commonly occurs in one of an individual’s arms or legs. Even though lymphedema has a tendency to affect just one arm or leg, sometimes both arms and both legs may be swollen. In addition, some patients may experience swelling in the head, genitals, or chest. It is mostly because of an obstruction in an individual’s lymphatic system, which is an important component of the circulatory and immune systems. This obstruction averts the lymph fluid from draining well and as a result, the fluid builds up, which eventually causes the swelling to continue. Lymphedema is primarily due to some of the faulty genes that are concerned in the growth of the lymphatic system. In addition, it is secondarily a result of surgically doing away with the lymph nodes located in the armpits or groin, or their damage caused by cancer treatment. Moreover, radiotherapy is also associated as another cause of Lymphedema. This means that the ordinary drainage of the lymphatic fluid is not working. Additionally, it may be due to a tumor, which forces down the lymphatic vessels. Although Lymphedema has no cure, care of the affected areas is imperative in order to control the condition.

Benefits Of Reducing The Effects Of Lymphedema

There are many suggestions for reducing the effects of Lymphedema and these procedures depend on the body’s anatomy and physiology. With this in mind, since the body anatomy differs from each individual and the factors causing Lymphedema are diverse, the approach to risk reduction using lymphedema treatment has to be individualized.

The benefits of the swelling treatment include enabling an individual to deal with the effects that come with swelling arms, legs, chest or the part of the body that is severely affected, hence getting rid of pain that comes with swelling. In addition, an individual is able to take care of the heaviness feeling or discomfort in the arm or leg that comes as a symptom of the condition. Given that, Lymphedema causes the limbs or chest or the head to swell, then the lymphedema treatment enables the individual to retain the flexibility of that part of the body; hence, improving the movement of the individual as the condition deterred it.

Additionally, the treatment will also allow the individual with the condition to fit back into his or her clothes as well as the swelling on either the limbs, or chest or head will have reduced. This will allow the individual to avoid purchasing clothes every time the swelling increases due to the condition. The swelling effect on the arms that cause the rigidity of rings, watch or bracelets, reduces with the swelling treatment; therefore, the individual is able to put on jewelry with ease.

In addition, there is an immense reduction of infections associated with the condition, with the lymphedema treatment. The reason is that since there are infections that eventually affect the lymphatic system, it is vital to protect the body against infection in order to keep the lymphatics working excellently. The condition causes an individual’s skin to have a tight feeling; therefore, the treatment causes the swelling to reduce thus causing the skin to obtain its normal elasticity and tightness, hence less discomfort for the individual.

Moreover, the depression that normally forms when one pinches the swollen body part reduces with the lymphedema treatment. This will mean the reduction of pain on the swollen body part as well. In addition, the treatment reduces the chances of recurrent skin infection that is associated with the condition. The condition also causes the affected part of the body to be heavy; therefore, reducing the effect of the condition will allow an individual to feel lighter and flexible.

Treating Lymphedema With Hivamat Therapy

The Hivamat treatment is a deep oscillation massage therapy that kneads the individual’s skin tissue in order to remove the excess inflammation caused by the lymph fluid accumulation, thus leaves the skin tissue to get on its natural healing process.

The Hivamat treatment involves using a machine that has an electrode, which used together with a light neutral titanium bar that the individual holds loosely between the fingers. The therapist, wearing vinyl gloves and using talc as an alternative of the oil, massages the targeted part of the body, allowing the pulsed oscillations to penetrate the patient’s skin to a depth of 8 to 12 cm through the skin, connective tissue, muscle, lymph vessels, blood, and sub-cutaneous fat. The therapist works by attracting and releasing the individual’s skin tissues for about 5 to 250 times using the electrostatic impulses. This creates a deep vibration effect that runs deep within the skin tissue, which ends up stirring the protein solids, inflammatory by products and lymph fluids, hence helping their eradication from the lymph system.

The benefits of using the Hivamat treatment are immense. These advantages, clinically proven include the promotion of faster and even healing of open wounds that are associated with the condition. Additionally, the treatment reduces the cellulite, bruising and scarring that are associated with the condition since there is an accumulation of skin tissue or lymphatic fluid that causes swelling and the reduction of skin elasticity. The eradication of pain and swelling, which is the most common symptom of the condition, is another benefit of the treatment for an individual.

The Hivamat treatment enhances the pre and postoperative therapy with anti-edema, lymph drainage, anti-fibrosis and detoxifying aspects. In addition, the treatment provides lift and tone of the bust, buttock, and facial muscles, since the skin may sag as a result of too much swelling. Furthermore, the treatment enables the stimulation of the cell and collagen production that will make the individual’s skin to look and feel younger despite the swelling condition that is associated with Lymphedema. The Hivamat treatment assists to improve the individual’s skin tissue quality and elasticity.

The Hivamat treatment is appropriate to an individual with Lymphedema as it is extremely relaxing and enables the individual to obtain an effective deep tissue massage without feeling any pain or discomfort that is associated with the condition and aids the quick recovery of the skin tissues.

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