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Post Plastic Surgery Swelling

Reduce Post Plastic Surgery Swelling

Cosmetic Surgery Swelling TherapyEven with the perfect Plastic Surgery Procedure each individual’s Lymphatic system is different.  Which is why you see such differences in healing times from patient to patient and the number one Post Op Complaint continues to be Pain and Swelling.  Typically Post Plastic Surgery Swelling care is just compression garments and crossing the fingers and hope that the patient’s Lymphatic System is strong enough to heal the body fast with no complications.

HIVAMAT Therapy is the most advanced technology available for fluid movement and pain/scar tissue reduction as well as post plastic surgery swelling. It’s the only Therapeutic Modality on the market which does not require a Lymphatic System to actually move Fluid (Swelling).

HIVAMAT Therapy is a hands-on therapy which uses alternating currents, Deep Tissue Oscillation and rhythmic motions to get dramatic results in a single treatment.  And it feels like a spa treatment in the process. Sit back, relax and enjoy.  Once started patients never want the treatment to end.

HIVAMAT Therapy chemically breaks down Metabolic Waste and Fluid and physically forces (in a very gentle soothing way) the fluid out of the interstitial tissue and back into the lymphatic system.  The fluid is then processed normally through the bladder.

HIVAMAT Therapy is safe and effective, it has been around for over 20 years providing Therapeutic treatments for Lymphedema and Post Operative Orthopedic patients.  Treatments are safe enough to go over the Eyes, Heart and Spine and can be applied as soon as 24 hours after any plastic surgery procedure.

Patients typically see results after only one treatment with either fluid being moved, hard patches of tissue getting softer or pain levels being reduced. This post surgery treatment can be used for post knee surgery swelling and post ankle surgery swelling.



Typical treatments protocols range from 6-15 Depending on patient needs.

The HIVAMAT is not an Aesthetic Device.  Because of this we show you Pictures and Video’s of the Not So Pretty Side of Plastic Surgery.

Pictures of Feet/Hands/Legs are used to easily illustrate the effectiveness of HIVAMAT Therapy.  Everyone knows what Normal is for your Hands and Feet