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Power Plate

Lymphatic Stimulation using Power Plate Technology

The Power Plate has been a great tool for Professional Athletes to get back into shape after Injury, however low impact full body vibration technology is excellent source for whole body Lymphatic Stimulation.

Just Stand, Relax and Feel the Flow.

Power Plate Therapy works by vibrations stimulating the muscle-pump-effect and cause in increase of blood flow and fluid movement within the body with an improvement of transport capacity for metabolic waste.






 This Is How The Power Plate® Works?

Strength and Conditioning Coach on the PGA Tour

“My wife and I just purchased our Power Plate machine. In just two days use of this wonder machine, we both feel better. It’s hard to describe, but my wife puts it this way, ‘It feels like by body just flows together so much better.’ For myself, I can’t believe how much better my hips feel. They feel as if they have been perfectly lubricated and adjusted. It’s just wonderful. My back is also feeling better as are my legs. We drove 2 ½ hours one way to pick up our Power Plate machine. It was well worth it.

When we visited our friends in Bellevue, ID, last year, they showed us their Power Plate machine. Since then, one year later, I have researched different types and makes of vibration machines. We feel (as do our friends) the Power Plate machine is the best on the market.”

-Dennis and Dolly Fiedler