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Complementary Therapy

Deep Oscillating Complementary Treatment

tn_hv_therapy01For the most part, most people view the concept of massages as a luxury – something that we get for ourselves only when we need to take a break from the usual hustle bustle of our daily lives. Massages are for vacations and holidays or maybe even special occasions such as birthdays. Occasionally, we also see massages as a way to treat ourselves from a long and stressful day at work.

This, however, couldn’t come farther than the truth. Recent studies show that having regular massages can have deep, positive impacts not just on our physical well-being, but even our mental condition as well. Because massages are not just for relaxing tired muscles and relieving yourself of physical stress and tension. Did you know that getting a regular massage can also boost your immune system as it stimulates your lymph system? It also improves your joints’ flexibility and helps tone your muscle. Regular massages also pampers the skin that you’re in and encourages tissue generation, reducing the visibility of your stretch marks or scars. Above all, massages also allow your body to release endorphins – a type of hormone that can relieve stress and help alleviate depression or anxiety.

No wonder that massages are used to help soothe the condition of patients with great physical pains such as those going through physical therapy. Regular complementary therapy composed of various massage are given to these kinds of patients in an attempt to boost the healing of damaged tissues, joints, or muscles. As they begin to regain control of their body, these patients will also need to strengthen their muscles in order to finally live their everyday lives in the most normal manner possible.

tn_dreamstime_9730342But the beauty of modern technology is that it allows us to improve what is good and make it great. We know now that regular, standard massages are good. But partner that with our DEEP OSCILLATION technology, the experience certainly becomes ten times better and more beneficial to anyone who would avail of this treatment. Is this your first time to hear of the DEEP OSCILLATION complementary therapy? Read on to find out more about it.

DEEP OSCILLATING is a technology that allows patients to experience deep relaxation, stress relief, and sleep through a gentle and non-invasive body massage. In this complementary therapy, the patient is attached to what we call “the dozy pad” – a soft plate electrode that sends light and rhythmic electric impulses to the affected area. Normal massages will surely relax a patient enough to allow them to sleep, but with DEEP OSCILLATING, the body is relaxed even better. The result is easier and deeper sleep in just 10 to 15 minutes! With DEEP OSCILLATING, all those nagging aches, bumps, and pains will soon be gone. No more tensed shoulders, knotted backs, aching joints, or irritated mind. All these while going through an ultra-relaxing process without the pain that standard massages cause.
tn_dreamstime_6939185The process, of course, is completely painless and relaxing. The electric impulses being sent to the patient’s body is low and light that no disconcerting vibration or sensation will be felt by the body. The machine is also quiet and will not give any buzzing sound whatsoever that can disturb the patient’s sleep. The electrodes are also complemented by a light dusting of a hypoallergenic powder for immense comfort. Best of all, the DEEP OSCILLATING complementary therapy does not require any amount of oil, so won’t need to worry about oil stains and smells – especially if you’re a professional who needs to get back to office after your treatment.

The amount of clients who benefited from the deep and relaxing complementary therapy of DEEP OSCILLATING is many; the type, varied. From musicians with tightly wound muscles, to people whose work involves great physical exertion, to athletes, to senior citizens who want to find a better relaxation activity, to people who had stroke or other physical trauma, and to people who simply want to try a new and exciting way of pampering their bodies, the DEEP OSCILLATING complementary therapy is certainly helpful and definitely for everyone.

More and more complementary therapists from around the globe are now using the DEEP OSCILLATING treatment to help their patients recover from physical and mental stresses. The gentle yet deeply soothing massage created by this treatment is definitely doing wonders and helping more people along the way. Why not try it for yourself as well?