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Managing Fibromyalgia


Fibromyalgia – The Red Headed Step Child of Medicine – No Body knows what it is, No One wants to treat it and if you complain enough your pain is all in your head and you have to see another doctor.

Similar to Medical Professionals not knowing what Fibromyalgia is, the experts at Physiomed, the maker of the HIVAMAT don’t really know why HIVAMAT Therapy is so successful at treating Fibromyalgia patients they just know it is.
The best guess as to why HIVAMAT Therapy is so effective in treating Fibromyalgia is, that tiny amounts of fluid are surrounding nerves and applying pressure, when this fluid is removed then the pressure on the nerves is reduced thus reducing the overall pain.
For patients suffering from Fibromyalgia we recommend that you come into the office and are off your Medication for at least 24 hours.  You should see results after your first treatment for Localized Fibromyalgia.
We want to get you to a place where we can you off those dangerous medications.