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General Surgery Aftercare

Post Surgery Aftercare | HIVAMAT Oscillation Massage

tn_kneeThere has never been a good therapy in the history of general surgery aftercare that could be applied post surgically on the day one to help hasten the natural healing process. But, DEEP OSCILLATION therapy has made a welcome and positive change to general surgery aftercare protocols. The DEEP OSCILLATION therapy appreciably relieves edemas and swelling both pre-and postoperation faster than any conventional therapies. The reason behind its faster healing process is the use of the therapy at an extremely initial stage, which causes stimulation and acceleration of wound healing, inhibition of inflammation and significant reduction in pain over a sustained duration. DEEP OSCILLATION has become an ideal therapy for surgery aftercare E.g.: in neurology, traumatology and oncology. Due to its affable effect, it is being used as a 1st line therapy after transplantation, caesarean section, mastectomy, endoprosthesis and osteosynthesis.




tn_bruising-oneThan other traditional modalities, the HIVAMATis considerably more persuasive in improving the blood flow. It is specifically helpful in relieving swelling or oedema. The HIVAMAT also aids the stimulation of stagnant chronic healing mechanisms. The other colossal benefit of this modality is its use for breast cancer surgery aftercare. It works remarkably, as it also increases the lymph drainage.

OSTEOSYNTHESIS (the implanted pins/plates) – a non-contradiction for DEEP OSCILLATION

The pins or the plates implanted during a surgery are usually a contradiction for the electrotherapy, whereas for DEEP OSCILLATION, the osteosynthesesis is not a contradiction, because it does not heat up the tissue. The advantage of the therapy is that it can be used harmlessly in these areas.



tn_hipA recent study has concluded that the inclusion of DEEP OSCILLATION therapy to the standard rehabilitation programme of patients with HIP PROSTHESIS has a high acceptance rate with very good results in the domain’s mobility, flexibility and pain. This has proved to be an effective therapy option for any acute postoperative condition.








tn_bruising-twoThe accumulation of blood beneath the tissues is a common problem called Haematomas, observed after surgeries producing a solid swelling. If this problem is untreated it may alleviate to larger haematomas that would require further surgery. So, in order to avoid the problem, DEEP OSCILLATION therapy can be used, by which the haematomas get reabsorbed in a briefer period of time.





tn_breastDEEP OSCILLATION is a highly effective therapy, which can impact upon lymphodema. The Lymphodema is a chronic condition that lasts lifelong resulting in swelling of the tissues. So, a therapy that would impact on this condition is certainly worth evaluation. The DEEP OSCILLATION therapy’s effectiveness in post operative swelling condition has been proved by the reports of Physiomed of North America Dr. John Williams on his patient’s recovery time which said ;The DEEP OSCILLATION therapy decreases the patient’s recovery time by promoting and accelerating the healing process, which increases the body’s natural speed of recovery. This therapy is also used in the treatment of several post cosmetic procedures.




In comparison to the superficially applied, mechanical therapies (e.g. vibration), the effect of DEEP OSCILLATION therapy not only takes place within the tissue itself but also works through the complete depth of the tissue layers (connective tissue, skin, subcutaneous fat, , blood, lymph vessels and muscles)

This makes DEEP OSCILLATION therapy to be gentle and unmatched treatment alternative for postoperative surgery, fresh trauma, and acute pain and open wounds.

To encourage wounds to heal and reduce pain:

DEEP OSCILLATION speeds up and improves healing processes. The anti-inflammatory and oedema –reducing effect of the therapy improves the local metabolic alimentation and elimination in all the tissue layers, encouraging wound closure and tissue regeneration on many levels. It reduces pain by flushing out and relocating the pain mediating and transmitting substances.


  • Mobilization and Anti-Inflammatory Effect:

tn_painkillersDEEP OSCILLATION is a muscle relaxant, which enables normalizing of the defective nerve function and optimization of metabolism. It suppresses chronic and acute inflammation by restricting the movement of pro-inflammatory cell to the damaged area, inhibiting protein and water leakage from lymph and blood vessels and reducing inflammatory mediator release.







  • Fibrosis and Oedema Reduction

DEEP OSCILLATION increases intestinal drainage, significantly reducing both aseptic inflammation and local oedema. In chronic conditions the therapy helps in dispersing fibrosis and preventing hardening of the tissue.

Cellulite Treatment: Improvement of Skin Elasticity or rough fibrous Septae disruption:

DEEP OSCILLATION affects all molecular and cellular mechanisms of cellulite improving lymph and blood flow in the subcutaneous layers and skin. It reduces sensitivity of the skin cells to various oestrogen hormones by disrupting the rough fibrous septae. This proves to be effective for the treatment of cellulite in eighty percent women. Fibrosis is reduced when skin elasticity increases.