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Effective Improvement for Lymphedema Sufferers | HIVAMAT


It’s real easy for people to give up hope when they suffer from Lymphedema especially in Florida.  With Florida having one of the hottest climates in the country it’s sometimes difficult to stick with traditional therapy plans for Lymphedema which include wrapping either the arms or legs.  The wraps get heavy with sweat and start to smell, which just adds to the overall problems of Lymphedema sufferers until eventually they just often times give up and skip therapy all together.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for Lymphedema; we can only hope to control, maintain, and to improve functionality and overall health.

tn_dreamstime_13149932There is no denying the success with HIVAMAT Therapy treating Lymphedema Patients

This is what the HIVAMAT was designed for – moving fluid (lots of it) and breaking down fibrotic scar tissue.

If you look at the results of all our before and after pictures and videos, they are all of Lymphedema patients, even though the bulk of the patients we treat don’t suffer from Lymphedema – More Acute Trauma, Arthritis or Orthopedic / Plastic Surgery.

We show the Lymphedema before and after results to demonstrate that if HIVAMAT Therapy works with Lymphedema patients with a compromised Lymphatic System, if will work even better with those patients with a healthy Lymphatic System.


Once lymph is flowing the as it should, cells start to become renewed and nourished and waste products are eliminated.  The bonus part is that because the therapy is non-invasive and gentle, patients including children, love the treatment and find it relaxing and therapeutic.

We hold a special place in our hearts for Lymphedema suffers.  Almost every other medical condition is treatable with drugs, surgery or even radiation.


Unfortunately with Lymphedema and the Lymphatic System the health care world has very few options. 

We are looking forward to providing you with the long-term commitment your condition requires using the best technology on the planet.