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Post Plastic Surgery

One Of The Most Traumatic Things The Human Body Can Endure Is Plastic Surgery.

Unfortunately as Plastic Surgeons develop new advances to provide patients with the least invasive procedures; it’s very common for little attention to be given to the Post Surgical Aftercare needs of the patients.  Typically only compression garments, some pain medication, and then crossing the fingers expecting the Lymphatic System would be strong enough to heal quickly with no complications.

As in almost every other area of Medicine, you will not hear the words Lymphatic System come into play during your consult with your board certified plastic surgeon.  Don’t worry, you are still probably going to get a great surgery; however, how your body responds is out of the surgeon’s hands.

The HIVAMAT protocols are the exact same protocols used by some of the top Plastic Surgeons in the country.  In fact when you factor in the Power Plate Technology, combined with the HIVAMAT, the Post Plastic Surgery therapy protocols are considered the tops in the nation.

Post Plastic Surgery swelling, pain, and internal scar tissue is the number One complaint in plastic surgery.  Everyone’s Lymphatic system is different which is why you see such wide swings in healing times when surgeries are done by the same doctor. Relying on compression garments alone and crossing your fingers that your Lymphatic system is going do its job, is not putting yourself on the best path to recovery with no complications.

Let’s use Liposuction as an example:

The human body gets stabbed 200-300 times with a cannula, creating massive trauma.  Tissue is violently removed and the body goes into panic mode and responds by sending massive fluid to the trauma site.

What HIVAMAT Therapy can do 24 hours after your surgery is to take all the fluid which is racing to your trauma site and then leaching out into your interstitial tissue and force that fluid back out of your interstitial and back into the Lymphatic System where it belongs.

Right now you are thinking Wow, that’s great.  But it’s not that easy.  As long as the underlying trauma is still there, your fluid is going to come back.  Remember Pain = Fluid, Every time you feel pain, the body responds by sending fluid.

With continued HIVAMAT Therapy treatments the goal is to keep the fluid moving, so that long-term edema does not settle in, causing hardness, lumps and scar tissue.

You can apply this same thought process to any plastic surgery procedure.

The same theory applies to Breast Implants with the #1 Concern – Capsular Contracture.  HIVAMAT Treatments given 24 hours after surgery can help prevent this condition from happening.

HIVAMAT Therapy can be used 24 hours after Plastic Surgery, the sooner you can keep the fluid from settling into your interstitial tissue, the faster your overall recovery will be.
Even patients who have internal scar tissue(Lumps / Bumps) from plastic surgery from years prior can still get relief after HIVAMAT Therapy.  After one treatment you should start to feel those lumps and bumps start to soften.