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Post Surgery Swelling

Joint Replacement  – Post Orthopedic Surgery

post surgeryWe live in Amazing Times, Surgeons can replace an entire body part and then tell your Physical Therapist “have them walking on it the next day, I want full extension”.
Guess what…..the human body does not know we live in Amazing Times and it responds the same way as if we fell off a construction site trying to build the Pyramids 1000’s of years ago.
When the body undergoes surgery, the body responds by producing massive fluid around the surgery site to protect itself from further trauma.  HIVAMAT Therapy is the best treatment to start the healing process 24 hours after surgery.
Removing inflammation from the surgery site will reduce the chance of internal scar tissue and speed the recovery process and reduce the risk of long term complications and wound healing.  Joint Replacement, Spine Surgery, ACL/MCL, Foot Surgery etc..all benefit from immediate HIVAMAT Therapy after surgery.
In fact patients would also benefit from HIVAMAT Therapy prior to surgery to get rid of existing fluid and make it easier for the doctor to suture and staple after the procedure.
Regardless where you go for therapy, if you are being treated for Inflammation – ask the therapist or doctor “is this the therapy which Lymphedema Patients should expect to get for immediate results”. If they say anything other than yes, YOU are NOT being treated with the best medical option for the reduction in swelling, which is risking your potential for a speedy recovery.