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Sports Injuries

The Marvels of DEEP OSCILLATION® and HIVAMAT Therapy For Sports Injuries


Over 100 Pro and College teams use HIVAMAT Therapy to get their players either back on the field or to quickly recover from trauma or surgery.  HIVAMAT Therapy has been used to treat large Hemotoma’s sustained in the first quarter of football to get players able to play in the third and fourth quarter. Inflammation and Lack of Range of motion being the primary concerns for Athletic Trainers getting most acute soft tissue trauma conditions healed quickly.

Ice, Compression, Elevation and Rest is 100 Year old thinking to treat Soft Tissue Injuries.  The Basic Mathematical Formula for Sports Soft Tissue healing is:
Fluid = Pain and Pain = Fluid  If you have Fluid you have no Range of Motion
If you can get Fluid to Equal Zero you will have reduced pain and increase range of motion resulting in a faster recovery time from your trauma.
Our local teams who encompass HIVAMAT Therapy
Pros: Rays, Magic, Heat, Dolphins 
College:  FSU, UF, Miami, UCF, FIU, FAU
Spring Training MLB:  Yankees, Tigers, Blue Jays and Phillies
The above pro teams have had their HIVAMAT units for years, they are actually part of the older platform – The newer version HIVAMAT unit at our facility is 4 times more powerful than those used by the pros.