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Total Lymph Drainage

Total Lymph Drainage / Preventative Wellness Program


lymphatic systemAs outlined in the What is the Lymph System page, your 500 – 600 Lymph Nodes in the Human Body is what determines your health.  Your Lymph Nodes are what helps the body fight off disease and viruses and heal you after injury.


But you never hear doctors talking about the Lymphatic System or Lymph Nodes.


Got a cold?  Take a Pill. Got an Injury? Take a Pill.  Have Long term pain?  Take more Pills.


No one is saying that HIVAMAT Therapy is going to make every problem go away or take place of necessary medication, however almost no attention in the country is aimed at the part of the body which actually PREVENTS you from getting sick – Lymph Nodes and your Lymphatic System.


When it comes to health care we are a reactive nation.  Most people put off going to the doctor until they can’t take the pain or their range of motion diminishes to the point it effects their job.  We put off dieting until Jan 1.


More effort is spent on ensuring your car’s Oil is changed every 3,000 miles than finding out ways to being preventive with your health.


We are personally on the Cutting Edge of Life Changing Therapy.


Using the Power of the HIVAMAT Therapy and performing Monthly Whole Body Lymphatic Treatments is the best way to improve your Lymphatic System and Lymph Nodes and put your body in the strongest possible position to fight off disease or viruses and rebound from trauma.


Be proactive today so you can live stronger tomorrow.