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Spine & Back Treatment

Your central nervous is the most important part of your body.  It controls everything.

There are two reasons why the spine/back is treated.

1. Patients have combinations of black mold and lyme and build ups of these toxins along with metabolic waste can attach itself to the myelin sheath and can cause Parkinson Like or MS Like symptoms.  A Spinal column and Central Nervous System which is clean/cleared of metabolic waste or toxins is a healthy system.  It is better to be proactive and maintain your health than to react to central nervous system related symptoms.

One of the known areas effected by lyme disease is an attack on the central nervous system.

2.  While there are no major lymph nodes in the back there is many many lymph collectors and a wide area of uninterrupted interstitial tissue.  While most spoungle patients do not have a lot of major swelling.  everyone retains fluid in their interstitial tissue.  The more fluid we can get to leave the interstital tissue the more fluid enters the lymphatic system which will help force through the metabolic waste and toxins which were just dislodged when treating the major lymph nodes.

patients should drink two cups of water before a treatment and then 2 immediately after a treatment

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