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Roger Hinds – Head Athletic Trainer

roger hindsRoger Hinds / ATC, LAT / Head Athletic Trainer / Dallas Mavericks
Steve Smith / ATC, LAT / Asst. Athletic Trainer / Dallas Mavericks:

Thank you for introducing the athletic training staff of the Dallas Mavericks to the DEEP OSCILLATIONtherapy system for use in the treatment of injuries to our players. Since our trial use and subsequent purchase of the DEEP OSCILLATION therapy system, we have seentremendous results in limiting the time lost from sports injuries, especially sprains and strains. Just as you said when you presented thesystem to us in 2003, the DEEP OSCILLATION therapy system is effective in the treatment of edema and the reduction of pain following sports injuries.When used in conjunction with other conventional modalities, the DEEP OSCILLATION therapysystem is a very important ingredient in the treatment recipe. It really seems to make our additional treatments such as muscle stimulation, ultrasound, moist heat, and ice to work more effectively. Also, the DEEP OSCILLATION therapy system is user friendly.

Thank you once again for your outstanding support and friendship!”