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What Is The Lymph System?


what is the lymph system

Have you ever known someone who hardly ever gets sick, while others seem to get sick all the time.  Or people who get back to health after surgery when others seem to take forever.

This is what your Lymphatic System Does:

The Lymphatic System is the body’s defense mechanism against illness and injury and consists of an elaborate network of vessels and nodes.  It is vital to good health to have bacteria, dead cells, and other potentially harmful materials removed. That is the function of the lymphatic system. The lymph vessels which make up the lymph system also work to drain excess fluid from the body’s tissues. What is formed from these fluids is known as lymph.

This fluid is transported through the lymph vessels and filters through the lymph nodes these vessels contain. Substances such as fat-soluble vitamins, cholesterol, proteins, acids and alkalines and other important matter are carried from the gastrointestinal track to the bloodstream.
As this process occurs, many pathogens are targeted and destroyed while antibodies are produced.

The immune response is triggered by the millions of lymphocytes the lymphatic system relies on. Bone marrow produces cells integral to the proper functioning of the body’s immunity. These cells divide and mature and take on a specific role. Some cells become B lymphocytes while others migrate to the thymus to become T lymphocytes. NT, or Natural Killer cells, are related to the T cells.

During fetal development all lymphocytes are formed as stem cells. Secondary lymphatic organs play a role as well. These include the lymph nodes, tonsils, and spleen. Mucosa-associated lymphatic tissue in the linings of the respiratory system, urinary system, reproductive system, and gastrointestinal tract are important to the defense against bacteria, pathogens, and other harmful substances.

The Human Body has 500-600 Lymph Nodes.  How do you think your body can fight Illness if you have 50% of your Lymph Nodes either blocked or diminished due to a build up of waste and debris.

A Quick Reference Point to this is if you ever saw someone relatively healthy but in their twilight years having to wear compression socks due to swollen legs.  The person is suffering from an overloaded and underworking Lymphatic System.  Treating Lymph Nodes and Localized swelling can get her condition under control.

A Up until the HIVAMAT came along the only thing you could do to systemically treat the Lymphatic System was Massage, eat healthy, drink a lots of water and lay off the salt.  Not exactly the fix you are looking for after 100 years of modern medicine for they most important part of the human body to maintain your overall health.


Throughout the intercellular spaces of the body, microscopic capillaries make up the beginning of lymph vessels. As the system expands these vessels become larger, resembling veins. In order to provide the body with both essential nutrients and oxygen, fluid is filtered from the blood and absorbed. Excess fluid is used to sustain the surrounding tissues. Lymph is the clear, watery fluid found inside these lymph vessels. The blood vessels reabsorb the majority of the interstitial fluid. Yet in order to maintain the body’s fluid volume, nearly 15% of this fluid is returned to the circulatory system through the lymphatic vessels. These vessels are lined with lymph nodes which act as filters throughout this process. The largest of the channels which make up this complex system are the thoracic and right lymphatic ducts. The lymph flows into these ducts and is drawn to subclavian veins as it travels back into the bloodstream.

You do preventative maintenance on your Car (i.e. Oil Changes) to make your engine run smooth, perform at peak performance and run for as long as possible, what do you do for your Body?

We live in America, the best country in the world.  Home of the 30 Minute Pizza delivery, Fastest of food prep from any number preservative filled pre-cook and reheated food chains or food courts at the mall, hormone fed animals and drug resistant bacteria and viruses.

The vast majority of Americans are not athletic trainers who Juice all their Veggies and eat 7 small healthy high protein meals a day.

The simple fact is when your healthy and strong your Lymphatic system works harder and you stay healthy and live life better longer.

The other simple fact is most people can’t maintain a healthy lifestyle due to the rigors of every day life.  And because of this Lymphatic Systems get over loaded and diminished.  Causing people to get sick more often, take longer to recover from trauma and retain more pain causing fluid within their body.

Monthly HIVMAT Therapy sessions which treat the entire Lymphatic System can change people lives.  By actually performing Preventative and Restorative Maintenance on the your Lymphatic System.  The only system in your body which fights off sickness and improves health.


Very small kidney-shaped organs line the lymphatic vessels by the hundreds. These nodes are distributed throughout the entire body but specific areas contain highly concentrated clusters. These include, but are not limited to cervical (neck region), axillary (armpit), mammary glands (breast), inguinal (groin area), and deep within the abdominal cavity. These structures fight infection by extracting bacteria and other potentially harmful materials from the lymph as it passes through on its return to the bloodstream. The swelling of lymph nodes can often signal an unhealthy immune system.
Fibrous tissue surrounds each of these nodes in a thick capsule that is densely packed with macrophages. Lymphocytes such as T cells and B cells which secrete antibodies also make up the inner working of the nodes. Specialized fibers trap foreign materials as they pass through and the debris is ingested by the macrophages, or scavenging cells.

Lymph Nodes are all superficial and are all easily treated with HIVAMAT Therapy.  The energy of the HIVAMAT penetrating deep to break up waste and debris and force out fluid which is blocking your lymph nodes from working at full capacity.


Two basic types of immunity make up the immune system. Innate immunity is present at birth. This is also known as nonspecific immunity. Monocytes, neutrophils, eosinophils, and certain NK cells are included with white blood cells to attack invading pathogens. Inflammation is a nonspecific response to bacteria, cell disturbances and extreme temperature caused by illness or injury. Adaptive immunity is the process by which the body learns to respond to and destroy antigens. This is also known as specific immunity.

The long-lived cells involved in this process are capable of remembering specific antigens and are able to quickly respond as these invaders enter the body. Cell-mediated responses are the role of T lymphocytes which work against pathogens that invade host cells such as viruses and specific cancers. Antibody-mediated responses are the work of B cells. These attack pathogens that do not enter the cells but invade the surrounding body fluids where they multiply. Complement proteins found in plasma and on the plasma’s membranes, also enhance the body’s reactions to allergic and inflammatory responses.

When was the last time you heard about the Lymphatic System from any of your past doctors.  But yet IT IS the Lymphatic System which dictates your overall health.  There is no MONEY in the Lymphatic System for the Industrial Medical Complex in the USA, there are NO DRUGS which help or improve the performance of the Lymphatic System, there are no fancy commercials of former pro athletes throwing footballs though a tire.  Because of the lack of drug treatment options for the Lymphatic System, there is only Big Big money treating the symptoms after a failure of the Lymphatic System to fight off infection, bacteria or virus.

In America people typically wait too long when it comes to their health and then they start the process of chasing symptoms instead of using preventative measures to maintain optimal health.

Come in today either to start your preventative maintenance Lymphatic program or get your Lymph Nodes Cleaned out and working to optimum capacity.